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Real Doll Dogging
I own a high-end realistic sex doll that not only looks and feels real, she also robotic capabilities, facial movements, expressions, even talks and senses when used vocally expression pleasure and orgasm. Which I am thinking about taking her to dogging spots local to me and then if is popular do a tour of the UK with her.

Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest.


If you want to know more about the doll itself, she is known as HarmonyX (RealDollX) from RealDoll.
I have seen those dolls in action before at a adult show, it was a while back and none were as real looking as yours, but still can see the attraction. I took a look at the doll you have on realdoll and actually found myself considering the benefits of owning one of these, if only they didn't cost more than I could afford to spend on a sex doll, cannot beleive how realistic they are now and with the human-like movements and making orgasm sounds, I think I wouldn’t mind trying one out.

If you are ever around the North East region.
Have you had much interest and any plans to take her dogging in the new future?