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Sister dogging confession
Okay so I have been daring to share my dogging secret for ages and am just going to bite the bullet and do it now. I confess that I have an serious addiction to my sister been a dogging slut.

It all started a few years back, one day when she came around on my birthday, she is good friends with my wife and after a few wines they both nipped out to the shop for another bottle but my sister forgot her mobile phone leaving it on the sofa arm it vibrated because she got a message but it was unlocked and open on fabswingers where she was in the middle of messaging someone on there, but before I could read it I heard the door so quickly locked her phone and put it back on the arm and sneaked upstairs so to not raise any suspicions.

Once upstairs and knowing they she had got settled back down in the lounge, I remembered part of her username so quickly registered a fake profile on fab and began searching for her, before I knew it I had found her profile, read it and discovered she was a complete dogging slut with hundreds of verifications from doggers to back it up, but I also found myself completely aroused and rock solid looking at her pics of her dogging.

The days that followed my discovery of my sisters secret swinging, I set up a pretty decent genuine looking profile and got a few work mates I know who use the site to verify me. After a couple of days I decided to start messaging my sister and couldn't believe my luck when she messaged back and we started regular contact, I tried to keep it clean as didn't want to go too far as I didn't really know why I was drawn to find out more or where I wanted it to lead.

Eventually we became good online friends, messaging most days, she hadn't even seen my face on their as didn't upload any fake pics, but had got horny enough one day and uploaded some private pics of my cock and body which she said turned her on, it soon led to her revealing her dogging stories and dates, times, locations of her meets.

Having hired a van for the weekend to transport a bike I had sold, it just happened that my sister had a dogging meet planned for that Saturday night at a dogging spot I knew really well not because I had even been dogging but because it is well known I the area and a familiar car park and I knew that it was safe just to park up and watch from a distance where she wouldn't recognise me, so I did just that.

Watching my sister sucking doggers cocks and her getting fucked by strangers had my heart pounding out of my chest, I thought I was going to have a heart attack from the excitement, my cock was literally bursting out of my pants and couldn't resist but to get it out and masturbate watching her, I have never been able to cum more than once before but that night I had a non stop erection and totalled 3 wanks in like an hour, which is when I left as I didn't want to get caught.

I went a second time, but as she knows my car, parked up some distance away and walked in the trees that edge the car park and managed to get less than 10 metres away from her where she was in the back of a transit with the doors open fucking a couple of guys one after another and she let them fuck her bareback and creampie her too, Safe to say I didn't even need to get my cock out or even touch it and I spunked in my pants.

So my plan next was to get some for of disguise, fake beard, glasses, hat and go watch closer up and masturbate in front of her, who knows maybe even more, I literally cannot help fantasising at her sucking me off and letting me fuck her like the dogging slut she is. But since the lockdowns she has mostly hidden her profile and doesn't keep it on long enough to interact, but did spot it live for a short time in the last few weeks where she has posted a status saying she is back dogging in April.

I know that I can't say anything to her because it will just fuck things up, but I do plan on carrying on where I left off when she is back dogging.

Sorry if it's not your cup or tea, but it wasn't mine either, it was just curiosity of how much a slut she was that led me to getting hooked on her and wanting to have incest dogging. Don't flame me without first imagining yourself bee in the same situation. I know loads of you will say I should have just ignored it and not pursued it, in hindsight I know thats what I should have done but from the moment I set up a profile and her messaging me back I couldn't help it.
I am an only child and no siblings but do know one of my aunties has been a very active swinger and dogger in the past and know for a fact she would entertain my advances as she is a complete slag, she used to watch K9 porn and suspect she has probably tried it and even suspect her and my other auntie (her sister) have swapped husbands (my uncles). I have wanked-off thinking about her in the past mainly because I know she is such a dirty bitch and into some proper filthy stuff. Regardless of the incest, your story it is still one of the hottest dogging scenarios I have read and you are extremely lucky to have manipulated yourself into such a position. If I am going to be honest, I would have done the exact same in your circumstance, or at least wished what you did but probably would not have had the bottle to go through with it.
Wow thanks for sharing but I have now got the same fantasy in my head lol
Good lad, would do the same, given half the chance.

I hope you resume where you left off when restrictions permit.

Do you reckon you're you aim is to fuck her at a dogging meet then?
(13-03-2021, 19:27)Pelops Wrote: Good lad, would do the same, given half the chance.

I hope you resume where you left off when restrictions permit.

Do you reckon you're you aim is to fuck her at a dogging meet then?

Her fab profile is back live and exchanged a few casual messages and she has said she will be back doing meets in a couple of weeks.
Would you be willing to share her fabswingers profile?
(13-03-2021, 20:33)Pelops Wrote: Would you be willing to share her fabswingers profile?

I have considered as a step before fucking her myself, finding a dogging buddy who can fuck her first and talk to me about it, but I am sure you can respect that I would need to know and trust that person pretty well before I did that, it's not something I can post online as anyone could message her and tell her or even know her and identify me, so in short I won't be sharing her fabswingers profile, but who knows there is a vacant position for a buddy or even a couple of buddies who I can trust to meet her share the experience with me.