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Dogging Etiquette
A dogging etiquette guide, the general rules of dogging, do's & don'ts that you should respect when dogging.

  1. Always get ready to go dogging, take a shower, freshen-up, look and smell nice and be prepared for any eventuality.
  2. Go prepared with any kit or accessories you may need such as condoms, lubricant, wipes, antibacterial cleanser.
  3. Travel to a dogging spot in a road legal vehicle, respecting the Highway Code, the last thing you want is the Police following you.
  4. Make sure that the dogging spot is the correct location and also that you are not trespassing on private property.
  5. Do not proceed with any inappropriate behaviour in front of or near unsuspecting members of the public or minors.
  6. Always be polite and show respect to all others who are at the dogging meet, be patient and wait for prompts.
  7. Have an understanding of the frequently used dogging signals so that you have an indea of others intentions and wishes.
  8. Act appropriately and always seek clear permission and consent before proceeding with any personal interactions with others.
  9. Always respect the wishes and interactions from anyone whom you are offered interaction with to ensure always consensual.
  10. If you are asked to stop or leave, respect others wishes to prevent any non-consensual behaviour or disruptions of peace.
  11. Do not divulge personal information such as your real name, likewise if you recognise a fellow dogger - protect their identity.
  12. Respect the area, be careful not to damage property or surroundings and tidy up after, taking your personal belongings and litter.

  • DO Understand dogging Law
  • DO Practise cleanliness & good hygiene
  • DO Familiarise yourself with dogging spot
  • DO Ensure your vehicle is road legal
  • DO Know commonly used dogging signals
  • DO Go prepared with a dogging kit
  • DO Be polite & respectful at all times
  • DO Always ask permission and obtain consent
  • DO Take condoms and practise safe sex
  • DO Use an anonymous identity
  • DO Take any personal belongings
  • DO Respect the surroundings
  • DO Clean up any all litter
  • DO Ensure your are not followed when leaving
  • DON'T Flout the Law
  • DON'T Attend dirty or poor hygiene
  • DON'T Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • DON'T Visit dogging areas you are not familiar with
  • DON'T Go dogging near children or unsuspecting public
  • DON'T Go dogging near areas of known criminality
  • DON'T Trespass on private property
  • DON'T Disrespect other doggers 
  • DON'T Ignore the wishes of other doggers
  • DON'T Have any unprotected sex
  • DON'T Share personal information
  • DON'T Take your personal valuables
  • DON'T Cause damage to surroundings
  • DON'T Leave any belongings or litter
I have had a lot of experience meeting escorts, so pretty much same rules apply.

Especially stay within Law, in terms of not attracting attention, just respecting who you're punting and other members.